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It’s Here! (Well, almost!)

We’re happy to share that Hands Down, Speak Out: Listening and Talking Across Literacy and Math will be published on August 31! Whoop, whoop! Pre-orders are now open on the Stenhouse website. You can also preview several sections of the book there for free. We’re excited to share our ideas with you, and learn from teachers who try out Hands-Down Conversations both in person and virtually!

(A note that Stenhouse is always the least expensive option for buying our book and always has free shipping. And you get to stick it to the man (Amazon) by buying directly from Stenhouse!)



Christy (literacy coach) and Kassia (math coach) are the authors of Hands Down, Speak Out: Listening and Talking Across Literacy and Math.

One thought on “It’s Here! (Well, almost!)

  1. Congratulations! Christy and Kassia, thank you for sharing the link to Stenhouse. Until I have my own copy from Pembroke Publishers in Canada, I’m enjoying the preview! The layout is beautiful and the content is so rich. (I’m also learning as I read through your past tweets and links during this journey.) Thank you for for helping us grow deeper in making a space where our students are advocating for their viewpoint and know their voice matters.


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