Professional Development

In Person Options

  • Full Day Professional Development

Hands-Down Conversations are a structure for discourse in which students’ voices and ideas take the lead, building agency and developing strong content understanding, as they notice, wonder, and reason. In this full-day session, participants will dig into the what, why, and how of using Hands-Down Conversations as one tool for building more equitable math talking and listening communities. Participants will engage in discussion, analyze video of Hands-Down Conversations and walk away with plans for getting started in this work right away. This session can focus on both literacy and math or just one of these content areas. If this PD occurs in a school site on a day when students are present, we can also include interactive modeling of hands-down conversations with students.

  • Full Day Lab Site

Full day lab sites are a productive and interactive way of putting the ideas of Hands Down, Speak Out into action! This PD is designed for groups of teachers, coaches and administrators who have either already read Hands Down, Speak Out or engaged in the full day professional development. During this lab site day, we will gather at a school to deepen our learning together, plan for in-class time, and spend time in one or more classrooms together. We will end our day by reflecting on our in-class experiences and making plans for our own classrooms. We can also offer two half-day lab sites (to be completed on a single day) for a shorter experience for two group/grade-levels of educators.

Online Options

  • Online Book Study

A series of six sessions (two hours each) online

Would you like to grow your practice around facilitating student-centered classroom discourse in math and literacy? 

In Hands Down, Speak Out: Listening and Talking Across Literacy and Math, Christy Thompson and Kassia Wedekind introduce structures for classroom discourse in which students’ ideas and voices take the lead while teachers focus on listening and facilitating. In the book study grounded in this work, Christy and Kassia will lead teachers in planning and facilitating rich opportunities for student-led conversations across the school day. In each session we will bring the work alive by dipping into classrooms through video, transcripts, micro-lessons and examples of this work in practice. Participants can expect to engage in whole group and small group activities, discussions, and planning processes. Christy and Kassia will coach teachers as they plan next steps for the readers and mathematicians in their classrooms. Participants will leave each session with new ideas and strategies to put into practice immediately.

  • Joining Your Book Club

Is your group reading Hands Down, Speak Out? We’re happy to join your book club via Zoom for a free 30 minute Q&A.

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